It is very rare that you find a Real Estate Agent that has the knowledge, expertise and relationship skills in every aspect of buying and selling real estate that make it a wonderful experience for everyone involved. Wendy Coyman is that person. My wife and I trusted Wendy when we wanted to buy a our dream condo on the water. She listened to what we wanted and found the perfect place for us. Not only was it the perfect place for us, but Wendy skillfully navigated us through the process of getting the best price, approvals for our financing and approval from the condo association. We believe Wendy Coyman is the best Real Estate Agent in South Florida..she definitely was for us.
John & Kelly
Wendy has helped me purchase several homes and she has always fought to get me the best deal possible. She is a pit bull! Her background as an appraiser and her knowledge and experience have given me the upper hand in every deal.
Wendy Coyman has been a valued realtor to us and walked us through three transactions in the past 6 months and I have to say, I would recommend her to friends, family, even a boss. I would classify my husband and myself as very difficult clients because we have been living between FL and NH throughout these transactions, so have been unavailable for signing documents, needy because we were only in town certain days so last minute requests have come up quite frequently. Wendy was extremely flexible and patient with our schedule; extremely knowledgeable in the properties in the area as well as what their true value should be; as well as an amazing negotiator. We were up and down changing our minds on a few houses and have been moving more times than I care to think about right now between up North and here in Boynton Beach, but the overall experience was really a success because of Wendy and her ability to get the job done and do a great job for us. She helped sell what was going to be our second home in a little over a week when we found our dream house here, and at a profit after only 6 months. She came highly recommended by folks that had bought/sold a few houses in the past few years and I’m thankful we got that recommendation. Anything we can do to help others make the right choice in a realtor by selecting Wendy, we’d gladly do!
Jay and Kristyn
Wendy Coyman is the absolute best realtor out there! You would be nuts not to use her services. I had used other realtors in the past and none of them compared to Wendy. Wendy was diligent, she was dedicated, she was motivated, and she worked around my schedule. The time she put into finding me the most perfect house was above and beyond anything I could have ever expected. Not only did I have tough restrictions due to owning dogs, I was on a very tight time schedule and Wendy worked so hard to make sure I was comfortable and happy. She went to bat for me and made sure I did not get taken advantage of in any way and as a single female, that means a lot. Not only did she find me the most perfect house that I love coming home to every single day, I also ended up finding a friend in Wendy. She really is a wonderful realtor and an amazing person.